About Us

Way back in 2007, a Filipino living in Blackburn would find it not easy to get hold of Filipino foodstuffs. You've got to navigate to Manchester to have them. Truly, we just could not shake off our love and desire of cooking and eating our favourite Filipino dishes in tandem with rice. We relish the idea of cooking pancit, dinuguan, kare-kare, tinola, binagoongan or what have you. I was fed up of trying different variety of rice from local shops and supermarkets in Blackburn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find rice of good quality that best suited with my discriminating taste unless I go to Manchester City Centre which is about 40 minutes drive from Blackburn. I tried Basmati rice which I found to be bland unless mixed with something else and also becomes hard when it gets cooled; got hold of rice labelled “thai fragrant rice” in small packaging from local supermarkets, but sadly, it tasted the same as that of Basmati rice. Rice being the staple food of the Filipinos, only the best quality rice will do for me. I was in a delimna.... Then a thought came to mind!... Since I could not exist without my rice, why not buy the right rice in bulk and share it with my kababayans in Blackburn?! And to spice it up, why not include other Filipino foodstuffs alongside with it and sell them to kababayans in Blackburn? Oh yes! This way, Kababayans will now have a better choice and it helps them save time of going to Manchester to buy these Filipino foodstuffs, their most and immediate basic cooking needs. This way, I will somehow be of little help to them in any way and be useful, too. Thus, a Filipino shop was born in Blackburn in 2007. However, for a time, I stopped trading due to house extension, renovations and major refurbishment which took quite a long time to finish. Now, against all odds, I am happy to be back again in business under a new business name, Yex Oriental Shop. It is a retailer of not only Filipino food but also Thai, Chinese and other Oriental foodstuffs. Welcome to Yex Oriental Shop. A shop with a friendly and homely feel. For enquiries, please don't hesitate to give us a ring on phone number, landline 01254660087; mobile 07966360313.